Battery Stella 36 V/ 13Ah Type 2

Brand: Stella

Brand : Stella Type 2

Models :

Stella Allegra, Stella Allegra Easy MDBA, Stella Avalon Premium MDS, Stella Avenza, Stella Azzurro, Stella Azzurro Superior, Stella Azzurro Superior Nero, Stella Bro, Stella Copenhague, Stella Copenhague Light, Stella Corrado MPF, Stella Cosmo FDST, Stella Cosmo Superior FDST , Stella Dolce, Stella Dolce Comfort FDST, Stella Durante, Stella Durante FDST, Stella Fiore, Stella Fiore Comfort FDST, Stella Fiore FDST, Stella Forte, Stella Forte Comfort FDST, Stella Glow Pearl White, Stella Glow Turquoise, Stella Kruier, Stella Livorno Stella Livorno Champagne, Stella Livorno FDST, Stella Livorno Gray & White, Stella Livorno Superior FDST, Stella Lugano Excellence, Stella Modena Comfort FDST, Stella Modena Excellence, Stella Modena Royal, Stella Nantes, Stella Nantes Superior FDST, Stella Nantes Superior Trike, Stella Novara MPF, Stella Sardena, Stella Toulouse, Stella Tours, Stella Verona, Stella Vicenza, Stella Vicenza Nero, Stella Vicenza Superior, Stella Vicenza Superior FDST, Stella Vic enza Superior Nero, Stella Vienna Comfort FDST, Stella Vincenza Red

Voltage : 36 Volt

Capacity : 13Ah (481Wh)

This is a set consisting of a new battery with keys and a new charger.

Battery and charger are not available separately!

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